Mercury 10kva Inverter Solar System 6000w




Mercury 10KVA Inverter 10X 200AH batteries and 20X high efficiency 300 watts Mono Solar Panels with Solar Charge Controller. This is a complete Solar Power System that will allow you to power your home with or without NEPA, day and night.   The Mercury 10KVA Inverter Pure Sine Wave with  UPS functionality is a generation ahead of the entire category. That’s because our breakthrough chip-embedded sine wave technology delivers the same current as you get from your mains.  The distinguishing features of this Mercury 10KVA inverter Pure Sine Wave  are:

Sine Wave Output suitable for PC

Battery State Monitoring

DSP Based Inteiligent Control Circuit

ASIC Technology

Graphical (LED) / LCD Display (Message and Faults)

Great Power Saving

DSP-Based Smart Charger

Automatic Power Factor Correction

Smarter Overload Senses & Short Circuit Protection

Mercury 10kva Inverter Specification

Voltage Range 180 VAC – 265VAC ± 5 VAC (UPS Mode)
100 VAC – 280 VAC ± 15 VAC (NOR Mode)
Line Low Detection 180V ± 5V (UPS Mode) / 100V ± 15V (NOR Mode)
Line Low Comeback 190V ± 5V (UPS Mode) / 110V ± 10V (NOR Mode)
Line Low Detection 265V ± 5V (UPS Mode) / 280V ± 15V (NOR Mode)
Line Low Comeback 255V ± 5V (UPS Mode) / 270V ± 10V (NOR Mode)
Frequency Transfer Input Frequency 45-55 Hz

Characteristics (AC)

  • Inverter Full Load Power 8000 W
  • Power Factor 0.8 factor (on resistive load)
  • On-Line Mode Sine Wave
  • Battery Mode Sine Wave
  • On-Line Output Voltage Follow the Line Voltage
  • Battery Mode Output Voltage 200 VAC ± 10%
  • Transfer Time (No-Load) <15 ms
  • The frequency at Battery Mode 50 Hz ± 1 Hz

Characteristics (DC)

  • DC Supply Voltage 120V
  • Battery Floating Charge Voltage 135.0 VDC ± 2.0 VDC
  • Charge Current <15 A
  • Battery Voltage Low Alarm 106.0 VDC ± 2.0 VDC
  • Battery Discharge Protection 104.0 VDC ± 2.0 VDC
  • Over Charge Protection > 150.0 VDC ± 2.0 VDC

200ah Deep Cycle Battery Specification

Nominal Voltage 12v
Rated Capacity(20-Hour Rate) 200AH
10-Hour Rate (18.4A) 184AH
5  Hour Rate  (32.0A) 160AH
1 Hour Rate   (120.0A) 120AH
15 Minute Rate (328A)   82.0AH 82.0AH

300 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel Specification

Maximum Power/Pmax(W)   300
Maximum Power Tolerance    +3%
Open Circuit Voltage   43.2
Short Circuit Current   8.85
Max Power Voltage    36
Max Power Current    8.35
Weight(Kg)    20.5
Dimensions(mm)  1000
Max System Voltage   27.00VDC +-0.5
Max Over Current Protecting Rating(A)   15
Module Application Class   A

Good to know:

The Mercury 10kva Inverter Solar System 6000w is sold with a 1-year warranty.


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